Brainwell – Brain Training App Reviews

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Good game

This game is really good.Its very interesting and fun, lets download and play it.

Excellent game !

Really good and enjoyable


I think o feel my "dumbness" fading...albeit slowly...but fading nonetheless.

Good app

The app highly entertaining nature, makes me feel happier when playing it, let"s go down and enjoy friends, thanks you very much


Free sample game was fun and then right into subscription!!!!! "FREE for 7 days" but no thanks! Many, many more free brain games out there...Lumosity, Joggle!!

Unsubscribe not possible

Free trial not so much. Good luck unsubscribe ping as you just cant.

Good app

I enjoyed your application . its very interesting . Please join with me . Thank publisher

What a scam

I downloaded the app before reading reviews, otherwise I wouldnt have waisted my time. It says "free"... The first day its free and then you have to pay $13 every months to play. What a scam!!! Even for the the 7 day trial I have to sign up for the subscription. They just hope you forget to cancel

like app

Apps to help you test your memory and brain exercise it in the best way

Dont get this app

Brutally laggy, everythings buggy and u have to pay for the app after the 2nd day

Really Disappointed

At first it was wonderful. I did the first day and then........ it locked me out. I just have to buy the subscription. Sooo disappointing. I mean who does that.

Never get this game

Ok so I thought it was all free but after doing my first session at the end it forced me to start a 7 day trial! I love the games but I dont want to spend money on them! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!

Good apps

This apps is very good , I enjoyed it

Good app

This app really good I give it 5 stars because it helps my child brain development hon.rat thank app offline

Use full app

This app make me very satisfy. I fell that my brain become more actively after I use it


This game is such a fraud. They trick you into thinking it is free. You do the test and then after that they tell u to sign up for a 7 day free trial but they dont even tell you the prices at that point. I had to go back to the App Store to find out much it is and it is not cheap. You guys can keep your game.

good app

game highly entertaining nature,makesmefeelhappier when playing it, lets go dowload and enjoy friends, thank you very much...

Review game

Game highly entertaining nature, make me feel happier when playing it. Lett go download and enjoy it

Not free

Either charge for the app and any upgrades or at least be upfront with the costs. Its not free in any sense.

Good start

Fun start but then 13.99 a month?!?! Nope

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