Brainwell – Brain Training Games App Reviews

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Great but...

This app is great except some times, I will go on the app and this screen will appear that stops me from playing the actual games which is a shame. It talks about the 7 day free trial and there is no "x". Please fix this. Thanks

Best app ever I love it

Awesome app. Im really love this app. Make me feel happy ever. I love it love it love it.

great app with my brain

I use this app when I felt my brain was wonderful , I never realized it , this app helps me feel more confident , help me remember more . I like that . This is great app I ever saw


a great application to brain development for me. I love the game in this application .It helps me have a better memory. Relax with this app

I love it!! now

At first there was problems and it just wouldnt stop loading but I didnt give up up and now Im glad I didnt! It is such a great way to exercise my brain on a daily. And all the bugs are worked out too!


This is really like app very good they are you doing some time

Good app

This application is very interesting and exciting , we can use, I would recommend to everyone to use

Great app

They are very well applications and the best app good


This app is very interesting and help me a lot to practise my brain and boost it operate well. I will share with my friends and children to experience and play with these games. But the explaination takes me a little time to understand how to play it. Anyway, it is very an useful entertainment for me in free time.

So interesting game!

This game is so interesting! My parent love it alot. They give us more another challenge. We often play in the morning and before going to the bed! Its ok for you to try!

Great app !!!

This great app, it helps me have a better mind and feel comfortable after hours of work stress. Lets develop it better

good app

good app. this app very nice. thanks

Thank you

For years I was a slacker and didnt use my brain for any serious thinking or learning. I got tired of that and came to a point in my life where I wanted more, and this app helped me get there. I start and end my day with brain training, because of that my memory and critical thinking has improved

Good app

I really like this app. It helps me train the brain is fantastic. Thanks to this app I found thinking ability, my logic better and better. Sincere thanks to the authors of the application

Must try this game! It really good

You must try this game, it really worth. It really good game. I have tried and it good

Good game

This is good game, great game , I play it on whenever I have free time , I appreciate this game , hoping the developer will continue to develop more games more interesting

Yall know you charge too much

The full app is inexplicable costly. Most similar apps charge less and your membership lasts for at least a year

Good mental game

This app is actually perfect, especially since its convenient anytime. Right now in the doctors office waiting and just played this! Try it and see if you like it yourself. You might just get addicted to this too

Useful app!!!

This is great challenge for brain and memory. Love all of the challenges. Actually feels like ive done something when i finish. Good regular exercise! Everyone should be using this.

Not Very Happy

When I emailed the company asking for aid in cancelling my subscription they either never got my message or never responded. The games get boring and repetitive after the first month or so. While sure, they might "exercise" the brain, many seem to be made for children as opposed to teens and adults. The games on this app might seem fun in the beginning, but they are not worth the monthly subscription. Do not buy this app. Finally managed to figure out how to cancel the subscription after finding out I was still getting charged.

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